Are you looking for a creative new way to raise funds for your non-profit?

Energize your membership or audience by sending them a customized link to our site and we'll send you 10% of their sale!


How it Works in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1.

We'll have a phone call to understand more about your fundraiser, charity or donation cause. You can tell us about your marketing program and how you can plan to use our program.  

Step 2.

We'll create a custom link to our site that you can distribute to your membership or audience. When this custom link is clicked on it will take them to our site and automatically attribute their sale to your cause.

Step 3.

On a quarterly basis we will make a deposit into your PayPal Giving Account


Q: How do our members get the product they've purchased?

A: We treat each of your members purchases just like a normal purchase from someone visiting our site. When they checkout they will pay any applicable tax and shipping costs and then we ship the product right to their door. They will see that a portion of their purchase is being directed to your fundraiser or cause and they will be sent a donation receipt.

Q: Do our members have to spend a minimum amount of money on your site?

A: Nope. They can choose whatever they want from our site and it qualifies for the 10% donation.  

Q: How can we see how much money we've raised throughout the process?

A: We can send a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly report that shows you all of the purchases made by your members.

Q: Does it matter where we are located? Can anyone use your fundraiser?

A: Any organization within the contiguous United States can use our fundraiser who is a 501(c)(3) in good standing with the IRS

 Contact us today and let's get started!