Q: How does this work?

A: Our site is designed so you can build your own kit. You can buy a ceramic piece and add a la carte items to build your own kit as you need them. We offer optional add ons like paints, brushes, spray enamel, and palettes. Add one or add all or use your own art supplies you have at home. Many customers already have art supplies at home so this is a way for customers to only pay for what they need and not over pay for items they already have.

Q: Do these items have to be fired in a kiln?

A: No. Our items are not to be fired in a kiln. We offer a great alternative to firing in a kiln by using our special sauce "Clear Enamel Glaze Spray." This allows a much quicker and economic way to glaze your pieces that takes only minutes instead of days. *Glaze only to be applied by adults over the age of 21.

Q: What kind of paint do we sell?

A: We use quality paints that are permanent and usually require only one coat of paint on the ceramics. If you would like to apply multiple coats you can.

Q: What ages are these projects good for?

A: We recommend ages 6 and up. With younger children we suggest having an adult present while painting. This is great for adults of any age too!

Q: Are the products we sell only for children?

A: Absolutely not. We've had a tremendous amount of adults paint our products over the years. It's a great family activity.

Q: Where do our products ship from?

A: 100% of our products ship from our facility in Davie, FL.


Q: Why am I required to give my phone number when checking out?

A: We may need to reach out to you if UPS cannot recognize your shipping address, or if we are out of inventory on a specific item. Many times buyers submit a secondary email address that they don't check and we have no way to reach them so unfortunately this delays their shipment until they contact us. We  will never call you to market our products or sell your phone number. We only do this to avoid delays in getting your order to you.